Suzy Daigle Signing with Suzy

Suzy Daigle


West Melbourne, Florida
United States


Baby Signing Time Instructor

Hi! You’ve found the Instructor Page for one of the newest Baby Signing Time instructors in the Space Coast, Florida area! I’m Suzy and I’m really looking forward to meeting you!  I am a Deaf/HOH* adult, began wearing hearing aids  at the age of 12 with a mild-to-moderate hearing loss. My hearing loss has progressed over the years to a “profound” status and I’m currently in the process of seeking more information on Cochlear Implants.  Believe it or not, most people who meet me have no idea that I have such a severe hearing loss, to the untrained ear my speech is very normal and I read lips amazingly well.

Prior to the diagnosis of my hearing loss, I’ve always been very interested in the beauty that is American Sign Language. I taught myself the alphabet at a young age, picked up a few signs here and there along the way (especially after the birth of my first child; we taught him a few baby signs that were very helpful in his toddlerhood), took a class or two, but I never became serious about learning sign language or immersing myself in the Deaf Community…that is, until I recently received the news of how much my hearing loss had progressed. So many points came together to give me the boost I needed to make this happen: the vast decline of my hearing loss, of wanting to find my place in society (I’m neither 100% hearing nor 100% deaf, and often feel like I’m stuck in the “middle” and not a part of either community being as I’m not communicating well with either one), of wanting to be an active member of society but with less frustrating communication issues, and also with the realization that my 10yo mild-to-moderate HOH son may one day be in  my shoes! I want him to have access to as much communication skills as possible and not ever have that “stuck in the middle” feeling.

This is just a short history into what propelled me to become a Baby Signing Time instructor. I felt it was time for my family to learn ASL as a familial unit, and I loved the ease, joyfulness, and family-centeredness of the Signing Time curriculum and community.  If I can also help others teach their babies, infants, toddlers, or pre-schoolers sign language for easier communication, then all the better and more exciting!  It is worthy to note that children benefit from learning baby signs and ASL regardless of whether or not they have a hearing loss! Research has proven that ALL children can benefit in various positive ways from becoming bilingual in this manually expressive language at a young age.

I’m happy to share more details and research to anyone who would love to know more. And of course I also can’t wait to teach new signs to anyone who wants to learn!

So come play and sign with me!™



*HOH = Hard of hearing

*ASL = American Sign Language

Licensed & Certified for the following:

  • Product Sales
  • Preschool & Early Education Classes
  • Mommy & Me Classes
  • Digital Download Products


  • Baby Signing Time Certification
  • Completed Basic Training
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