Become an Instructor and save 20% on your Start-Up Kit

We are wrapping up 2011 with an 11-day promotion! Become a Signing Time Academy Instructor before Oct. 23and save 20% on your Start-Up Kit.

Love what you do

  • As an Instructor, you can earn extra income for your family by offering classes that parents love and products their children love. You keep 100% of the income from class tuition and with your huge wholesale discount, you can earn even more through product sales.
  • All businesses require start-up costs, but you’ll be happy to know that many of our Instructors earn back the cost of the Start-Up Kit in their first class or two. If you join our team before October 23rd, you can lower your start-up costs even more!
  • Becoming an Instructor means that you’ll get everything you need to start teaching classes and workshops, you’ll have guidance and support from an Associate Director in your area, and you’ll gain access to a comprehensive library of marketing and business support materials.

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Baby Signing Time Instructor Start-Up Kit
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Advanced Signing Time Instructor Start-Up Kit
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Master Signing Time Instructor Start-Up Kit
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-Gwen Cox
Signing Time Academy International Director