Behind the Scenes: Meet our latest model and his mom, Kelly!

You have shared your stories with us over the years. You’ve introduced us to your children, your dear spouses, even your parents. We’d like you to meet more of us here at Signing Time! Today, we’d like to introduce you to Kelly, former employee and proud mom of our new onesie model.

In the summer of 2005, I was fresh out of college and looking for a job. I saw an opening at Signing Time and, because I had taken sign language classes through high school, I was excited to apply. Even though I had never heard of Signing Time before, I looked at and thought it would be a fun place to work. I got the job and spent the weekend watching all of the Signing Time videos. There were only 6 at the time! I loved the shows and loved reading about the difference they had been making in so many people’s lives.

During my time working at Signing Time, I was involved in the production of Baby Signing Time, finishing the last volumes of Signing Time Series 1, and part of Series 2. You can see my name in the credits at the end of some of the Baby Signing Time shows.

Not long after I started working at Signing Time, I married my college sweetheart. Our plans for our future family included teaching our children American Sign Language using Signing Time!

During my second year of working at Signing Time, my mom moved to Salt Lake City. There was an opening for an Office Manager for Signing Time and she was hired. We loved working together and the opportunity it gave us to go to lunch!

Sadly, after three years, I had to leave Signing Time. My husband and I bought a home in a different area, making it too far of a commute. Because my mom still works for Signing Time, and because I will always have a love for the company, I keep in close contact with what is happening.

I now have a 9-month-old son. We, of course, started watching Baby Signing Time and used common signs such as “milk” “eat” and “all done” with him from very early on. He loves to watch Baby Signing Time and is now starting to dance and clap along with the music. He used his first sign “more” when he was only 8 months old. Now at 9 months he knows, “more” “all done” and “dog”. I can’t wait to watch him learn new signs and tell us what he wants and needs.

It was very exciting when my son was chosen to model the Signing Time Romper. You can see him on the website,

I have always believed in Signing Time and I knew it worked to change the lives of families. However, I am now seeing it first-hand. I am communicating with my 9-month-old son! I know when he wants more to eat and when he is finished. I love my son; he is such a wonderful gift and it is important to me to be able to communicate with him through sign language well before he can communicate with words.