Boost Early Literacy with ASL Story Videos

I’m Rochefel, a mother from the Philippines and we’ve been using Signing Time since my baby was 6 months of age. She’s now 21 months and has learned Signing Time Series 1 by heart. Now she’s already signing the alphabet and can read the letters! Amazing! I really thank Signing Time and the inspiration it has given me to teach my baby ASL. 

Signing for School Success

Many parents like this one have discovered that Signing Time helps their children learn to recognize words and letters. In fact, a recent white paper concluded that using sign language has many academic benefits for children of all ages and abilities.

Favorite Stories – in ASL

Stories are an important part of early literacy. Signing allows children to physically participate in story time! Watch these videos of favorite stories being told with American Sign Language with your child:

Take the Challenge! 

Now watch this video by Signing Time Academy Instructor Jenene Johnson.
Can you guess the story?

 Jenene Johnson’s ASL Story