Hand-y Crafts by LeeAnn

October Hand-y Craft: ASL ABC Book

Lean, Practice, Gather Create! Learn the manual alphabet. Practice them as you gather pictures and objects to go with each letter. Then create this month’s Hand-y Craft. ASL ABC Book Instructions Printable ASL ABC Book Download other Signing Time Hand-y

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September Hand-y Craft: Autumn Trees

Walk, Sign, Create! Learn the ASL signs for Tree, Leaf, and Fall. Practice them as you go on a nature walk and collect colorful leaves. Then make your own autumn trees with this month’s Hand-y Craft! (Sign illustrations included in

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August Hand-y Craft: School Supply Holders

Make these “hand-y” school supply holders with your child! Download directions to make these school supply holders now Download other Signing Time Hand-y Crafts   Signing Time Teacher Resources: Baby Signing Time Preschool Program Signing Time Classroom Edition Homeschool Bundle

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