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Is My Child Ready for Potty Training?

Potty training is a huge milestone! Not only does it mean the eventual end to diapers and pull-ups, it means your little baby is taking some figurative steps towards being “so big!”   How do you know when your child is

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5 Simple Tips for Using Signs With Children With Special Needs

Jill G. Eversmann, MS, CCC-SLP Speech-Language Pathologist Signing Time Academy Instructor When working with toddlers and young children who are pre-verbal, minimally verbal, nonverbal, or whose speech is not intelligible, signs are often introduced to encourage speech and language skills

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Why we made SignIt ASL

Saved from Launch Email Draft – Use later if needed. Dear SignIt Supporter, When I learned that my 18-month-old daughter was deaf, I didn’t know American Sign Language. But I quickly got my hands on everything I could find so

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