Signing with Baby

I just wanted to tell you how much my son and I love the series. I got the second series when he was 2, but have been working with signs with him since he was under a year old. He’s not deaf or anything, but I know that signing helps SO much with communication before children can actually talk. I just got the first season and we cannot stop watching it. He’s 3 1/2 now. I just love the language and I’m so glad that my son and I are able to learn in such a fun way!!! Thank you so much! I wish there were more series!

–Whitney (Homosassa, FL)

I started using signs with my daughter when she was about 11 months old. My intention was just the basics-milk, more, eat. She started using those signs within about a week after introducing them to her. She loved the Baby Signing Time DVDs so much, that I did not stop there. We are not a television watching family, but she is allowed to watch a little each day. The only thing she wanted every time the TV went on was Baby Signing Time, within weeks of learning to sign, she was asking, through the use of signs, to watch the DVDs. After she learned her first few signs, her vocabulary, as well as her signing skills, took off. My husband quickly saw the benefits of signing with her and jumped on board. She was signing words from the DVDs that we had never reinforced with her. At 15 months old, she is speaking over 50 words and signing over 30 words. I contribute her advanced vocabulary to the Baby Signing Time DVDs. We both love to sign with her, and we are very thankful for her ability to communicate with us effectively. Our little girl impresses so many people with her speaking and signing vocabulary, and we are impressed as well. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU.

–Ashley A. (Gray, LA)

Signing with Kids

My son is now 2 but was getting so frustrated trying to tell us what he wanted and would act out a lot. Now with Signing Time! he is always happy because he can sign what he wants and even more! My sister-in-law told me about these videos and I was wondering why she wanted him to learn sign language since he can hear just fine, but once I saw the improvement in his communication I now tell everyone about these WONDERFUL DVDS! We are so proud of our son and how much he has learned in 5 months! He now knows over 60 signs and constantly uses them! We are even trying to get our nieces and nephews the DVDS so they can learn too! Our son loves these DVDS on top of it! He will go and get them and want you to put it in so he can watch it! He just loves Alex and gets excited when he comes up! Thank you so much for creating these DVDS!

– April S. (Polk, NE)

When my children were 7, 3 and 2 months we started watching Signing Time. That’s all they would watch for months. Within 3 months my 3 year old had over 300 signs. It was incredible!! We continued to watch Signing Time as the years passed, but the real test came three years later. We were blessed with the opportunity to have a friend and her 6 year old son come live with us for a short time. Both are completely deaf. So at first I thought it was going to be a real challenge because not only was there two more people in the house, but now l had to sign all the time.

Before Signing Time, I had taken a few semesters of ASL in college, but that seemed so long ago. I really had gotten most of my vocabulary from the Signing Time videos. Within the first day, it was amazing to see all the children playing together with very little trouble. My friend was happy to see hearing children communicating with her son and her son being understood by my children. My friend had been worried about the possible language barrier, but she was pleasantly surprised at how well we all signed.
Each night at the dinner table all the children would tell us about their day. My youngest, who was now 3 years old, had a speech delay but he was overjoyed to be able to participate in the conversation. My friend taught me a lot of new signs and my expressions while signing improved. But I must give Signing Time credit because the signs I remembered most often came directly from the videos. Signing Time made it easy for my kids to begin a friendship with a deaf child but also gave them the skills to accept new ASL signs. Thank You Signing Time for making our 6 week experience so much easier.

–Lisa S (Bel Air, MD)

Special Needs

Our daughter was born with a very rare micro chromosome deletion. At 10 months we realized she was not babbling yet, and as time has gone on she has not yet developed speech. Not much is known about her diagnosis, other than it causes global delay, and in many speech never develops. As we realized her diagnosis, each day was getting harder and harder as she began to get frustrated and we had no idea what her needs were. At 18 months we found the Signing Time series and it quickly became a part of our everyday life. Sylvia turned three today and can now sign over 80 signs that she has learned strait from the Signing Time videos. While we are taking walks we are able to carry on conversations with her about what we see around us. At dinner we are able to talk about our day with her using ASL. Although we show her signs on our own, she has never picked up a new sign without watching it on Signing Times. It is the only “movie” she will watch…in fact if we put something other than Signing Time on, she actually cries!! When it is time to watch a video each day she finds a seat on the couch with her brothers who enjoy watching and learning it along with her. The songs are part of our day, and the children in the videos put a smile on our children’s faces. We are so grateful for this series and know that it will continue to be an important part of our lives as she continues to grow.

–Heather V. (Minocqua, WI)

My son Derek is 7 years old born with Down Syndrome, diagnosed with Apraxia of speech, & hearing impaired. After 6 1/2 years of behavior issues, mostly resulting from unsuccessful means of expressive communication tools, we thought we’d try Signing Time DVDs. We spent a summer going over DVDs & real life applications using ASL, plus learning the rights & laws pertaining to his education. A new IEP had to be written, as he proved to himself & others that ASL would now be his primary form of expressive communication. This resulted in my son’s more appropriate inclusion placement in school, equipping him with his own sign language interpreter, and overall a significant opportunity to be ALL that God designed in to be. Our lives have drastically improved just in the past 6 months. Thank you for this better life & for enabling my child to have a voice!

–Holly P. (Hendersonville, TN)

I teach a special needs classroom. I have downs syndrome children, autistic children, developmentally delayed children and I even have a deaf/autistic child. We incorporate Signing Time into our daily routine. I have personally bought every video made and absolutely love them. I forgot to mention that I also have a downs student and an autistic student that speak English as a second language. I love signing time because it not only helps with communication but also introduces vocabulary and sight words. My students absolutely love the videos and do not even realize that they are learning while they watch. Thank you so much for these wonderful videos. I would love to maybe see a series III.

–Lisa H. (Louisville, KY)


We have been so impressed with Melissa’s Baby Signing Time class week after week. Melissa is a true teacher in every sense whose experience and love of the profession show in every lesson. She provides differentiated instruction for all the various ages in the class. The setting is like a playdate, but with more structure; it allows Sienna to listen and absorb at her own pace while she discovers things around her and interacts with her classmates. The material is totally approachable for parents who are new to signing. It is logical and wide-reaching, drawing together kinesthetic, auditory, and visual learning styles. Melissa provides a multitude of hands-on activities each week that connect developmental skills to the concepts she has presented. I have gotten so many great ideas for activities to try later. We really enjoy watching Sienna experience everything this class has to offer and make connections at home.

– Shannon (San Antonio, TX) Instructor: Melissa Droegemueller