Congratulations to our 2012 Instructor of the Year!

Momcat Kelly2012 Instructor of the Year









We want to give a big congratulations to our Signing Time Academy 2012 Instructor of the Year: Kelly Konieczki, aka Momcat Kelly!  Thank you Kelly, for going above and beyond to support your families, and our great Instructor network!

Here is a summary of some of the great things other Instructors had to say about Kelly:

  • “She is an inspiration to me, and many other instructors.”
  • “She is so creative,  always willing to help others, and share her ideas.”
  • “She is always there on Facebook to help organize information, share ideas, and give support, usually within a matter of minutes!”
  • “Kelly has kept her head up high, and never let things get her down or discouraged.”
  • “She goes out of her way to help, above and beyond, time and time again.”

We would like to thank everyone of our Instructors for participating in the nominations, and the voting for Instructor of the year! You all had so many great things to say about each other. We want to congratulate all of our Nominees for Instructor of the Year, we appreciate all you do to support the Academy!