Every Concert is Different!

When you see these announcements, that Rachel is going to be in Burbank, or in Portland, or in Kansas City, if you are even thinking about heading to one of those places to see her, it’s really important for you to click on the concert’s specific page and check out what makes that city’s Rachel event different than any of the others.

For example, did you know that that Hopkins will be at the Burbank show with Rachel?  That’s right, he’ll be up there signing and dancing along with her, and taking photos with the kids as well.  In Portland, you can get your picture taken with Rachel, have it printed out on the spot and autographed by her right there, so you can take home an awesome one-of-a-kind souveneir!  And in Kansas City, those who have Special Event (VIP) tickets, get a special pass and lanyard to take home.

At each of these events, you’ll have the opportunity to add to your Signing Time Library, your kids will have the chance to meet Rachel after the show, and it will be a great time.  But, if you want to know the things that make the show in YOUR town special, or you want to order your Signing Time shirts, books or DVDs ahead of time, you’ll need to contact the instructor who is putting on the show!