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    Default How to best teach abstract words?


    As a new parent trying to figure how to help my baby develop his language abilities, I am wondering how to best teach abstract words?

    It is easier to teach concrete nouns and verbs - when we see a dog for example, we sign and make the sound, pat the dog etc.

    But how do I teach more abstract things like "please", "help", "scared" etc? This is an equally relevant question for sign and spoken language (I think so).

    Any ideas and tips?



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    That's where the Signing Time series has been the most help for us. They show examples of the ideas (help, please, emotions, etc) in a way that sticks with kids and adults, and people learning another language.
    In every day routines, just teach the abstract words/signs during normal conversations. If a child is struggling to do a task (eating, cleaning up, picking up toys), ask, "Do you need my 'help'?" while signing 'help'. When asking them to do something, add 'please'. Kids pick up on these cues.
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