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    Default How do u sign You're Welcome

    I've looked this up on several different sites and have come across a lot of different ways to sign the word You're Welcome.

    My daughter's preschool teacher taught her to say thank you with both hands, however, this means thank you very much or something of the sort. I was able to verify this on the web.

    My aunt's first lanugage was ASL (both of her parents are deaf), she told me to sign you're welcome by signing Water, but bringing the W down to your chest. She also said some people make the W by their forehead and then bring it to their chest.

    I did find one site that said to sign you're welcome by signing the sign for welcome. which is a pretty basic sign.

    I wanted to hear how you guys have been signing it. and i want to know why Rachel never covered it!!! Kidding..

    Any advice you can provide would be greatlyappriecated.
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    Rachel covers "You're Welcome" on the special features section of Volume 6. Check it out!

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    We use either a simple head nod in acknowledgement or sign THANK YOU right back to the person.

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    Default You're Welcome

    I also just sign THANK YOU back. The more English sign for you're welcome is signed like you are weclome to my home.
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    Default Thanks!

    Thanks for all the information. I find it kind of funny that there is such a standard way to sign "thank you" but not one for "you're welcome". The one most common that I found is to sign "welcome" for your welcome. Anyway, thanks for all the information....:-)

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    The WELCOME like described above (as in, welcome to my home) is actually quite accepted now, even though it is very English.

    The W welcome that your aunt told you about must be a very old form (older) and more English based.

    We also do the slight head nod/acknowledgement or sign the WELCOME, depending...
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