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    Default Signing with Internationally adopted children

    I just got twin boys (3 1/2) in my music class who were just adopted from Russia, and their nanny is signing with them (in a very limited sense-she took a baby signing class several years ago when she had a child who had parents who wanted to use it). They respond much better to signs than to words, and it's been wonderful to see them respond.

    I sent them home with BST I and II and the information on the broadcast ST episodes so they can tape them and watch at home, but it's wonderful to see these two little ones respond so well when they've had a lot changing in their life very quickly!
    [COLOR=blue]Music teacher who loves to integrate sign, and mom to Alli, 11/25/04. She walks, she talks, she signs! She's super-toddler!COLOR]

    Do it AGAIN, mommy! AGAIN!!

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    Good for you for such a helpful intervention. I'll bet their nanny is also delighted to find another way of communicating to her charges. I hope the parents will get excited about it too!

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    Default International Adoption/Signing Time Success Story

    I adopted my beautiful Emma, now 25 months old, from China when she was 8 months old. We start signing pretty much right away - within 3 months she was already signing a number of signs and her signing has just continued up and up since! Her speech development has been slightly delayed, and she has been in speech therapy...but she has been communicating just great with signs. Besides only hearing Chinese for the first 8 months, she was faced with English and Spanish and Signing all at the same time (the daycare speaks Spanish). But she has been able to process it all and is doing great.

    No doubt that she loves ST and she asks for it everyday.
    Happy Mom of Beautiful Emma

    Emma, at 16 months, signing 'eat'

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    Default My 2 year old LOVES ST

    We adopted our daughter Scarlett when she was 11 months old. We have been signing with her since we got home. We found signing times shortly after we got home and she loves them. She turned 2 in November and asks for ST every day. Her signing has just exploded in the last few months and she surprised me about a month ago when I was practicing the alphabet for my ASL class and she could say what all the letters were. WOW!!!
    I can't say enough positive things about ST, I tell everyone about it!!
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    awww. scarlett is such a pretty cute and nice girl!

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    These are great stories everyone! Thanks for all the great inspiration!
    -Margot Holmes
    Master Signing Time Instructor
    Associate Director - Atlantic Northeast Region

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    Default We love signing with our toddler

    We adopted our daughter at 10 months of age from a foreign country and are a bilingual household. I started signing casually (milk, more, eat) with our daughter right away, and found BST when she was 14 months old. Our daughter LOVES to communicate and relies on her signs to do so. It makes my heart sing everytime she is able to tell us something that we would have never understood without signs. I realized as she was learning that I severely underestimated her. Her memory and comprehension is much more advanced than I ever gave her credit for.

    She has been home now for 9 months, and using BST for 5 months. Despite coming into a home with 2 foreign languages at 10 months of age, and starting BST at 14 months of age, she is now at a normal level for her age with spoken language skills. She can sign well over 60 signs and recognizes many many more. We have been through all the BST DVDs and are now ordering the ST DVDs to keep up with her ability and desire to learn.

    Signing has been so fun and rewarding, and I think Rachel's program is the best one out there, we are so thankful.

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