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    Default Share what you are doing to spread the word about Signing Time!

    Rachel Coleman wins Wasatch Woman of the Year, thanks to a nomination by Tammy T. of South Jordan, UT. Thank you, Tammy for spreading the word about Signing Time.

    Read Wasatch Woman Article

    We would love to hear what you are doing to share Signing Time.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Admin View Post
    We would love to hear what you are doing to share Signing Time.
    Both of my kids sign to varying degrees, and whenever I am asked about it, I always sing the praises of ST! and I direct them to the website.

    I have loaned out my ST dvd's to teachers and other parents.

    I try to take advantage when Rachel has a sale, and I stock up on favorite dvd's. I give some out for baby shower gifts, birthdays, or Christmas. I also forward the newsletter on to family and friends so that they can also take advantage of sales, and get the latest news from ST!

    I have tried to start playgroups with ST fans.
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    Default Spokesbaby

    I've lent the DVDs to friends and relatives, but I think that Molly is much better at advertising for signing time than I am.

    When we go out to the store/church/airport/wherever someone almost always asks where she learned to sign at such a young age (15 months now). People are especially curious becuase she looks much younger than she is (bald as a billiard ball and very petite).

    People see this little baby politely asking for crackers/milk/book/phone/keys/etc and saying please and are very surprised. I always sing the praises of Signing Time to anyone who will stand still long enough. I don't think they'd be nearly as interested if they didn't see living proof sitting and signing in the shopping cart!
    Molly (10-4-07)

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    I, too, am always telling people about ST!. When we are out people ask about the signing we are doing. I often post on my blog when ST! has sales or when there is a new DVD coming out. I love telling about Rachel and her accomplishments on my blog. I even post video of Rachel from you tube once in awhile.

    I also stock up on DVD's when they go on sale and give them out as gifts or I donate them to my daughter's school or the local non profit that helps families with children who have disabilities. Friends know that they can borrow my copies whenever they want.
    Stacey mom to Macie 10, Thomas 9, Julia 6, Matthew 4 and Henry 2 year old

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    My story is close to the others that were posted. My twins talk and sign all over the house. We go out and they get audience shy. When they do make movement or talk it's through sign. All my friends and family member are shocked on well the girls can communicate with my wife and me. Some people have asked,"What's wrong with your children? Why don't they talk?" I simply tell them, "They are talking through sign." or show them our "Child Education DVD holder" (28 ST discs and some Sesame Street as well). I have been "forced" to let people borrow our baby discs out to many of the new children.

    A warning, stay away from CO unless you want another child, there is something in the water. In the last 2 years, My friends, family, (us included) have 12 new children and there are 4 more coming within the next 3 months. The good news, ST lives in each of there homes.
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    I've been telling everyone I know about Signing Time since my daughter was a toddler...she's 7 1/2 now

    She and I have been bringing ST into her classrooms. Last year when she was in Kindergarten she was asked by other teachers to come in to their rooms to teach the Colors of the Rainbow song.

    I also created a lens on Squidoo to help spread the word.
    Mom of Lexi, age 8

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    Default Rachel de Azevedo Coleman----2009 Wasatch Woman of the Year

    Today was a pretty awesome day. I was honored to attend and present the 2009 Wasatch Woman of the Year Award to Rachel. The editor of the magazine called me a couple of weeks ago to see if I could attend the luncheon where they were going present the awards. I was very nervous standing in front of so many people. I had to read my nomination to everyone before I presented the award. I couldn't get through it without tears. It doesn't matter how many times I have read Rachel's story--it still makes me cry.
    I am so glad Rachel was able to be honored this way for all that she does for so many, many families. I was very shocked when I found out that they had chosen Rachel with my nomination---I am not very good at putting my thoughts down. But, I am so glad I took a few minutes to submit an entry.
    Rachel deserved this so much and I hope it gets her some more local recognition and attention.
    I was able to sit at the table with Rachel, Aaron, Sweet Lucy, Lex and his wife, Rachel's Mom and Emilie. After the awards were presented, Rachel sang "Shine" with her Dad (Lex) playing the piano. Once again we were crying.
    I don't know what more to say than thank you Rachel for bringing Signing Time to my family. You are wonderful and amazing!!!!!
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