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    Default When is a good time to start teaching numbers, colors and alphabet signs?


    I'm a mother to a 1year and 2 week old baby girl.
    I taught her signing since she was 4.5months old and she started signing back
    when she was 9 months old. She loves BST and one of her first signs were to sign baby when the DVD starts it's theme song. It was so sweet to watch a baby signing 'baby'!

    Now at 1years old she can sign around 30 signs and I think she is learning faster these days with her improved motor skills. Everyday I test to see if she knows to sign any new words and to my surprise, she knows alot than I thought.

    I would now like to know when is the good time to teach her the color, shapes, numbers and alphabet signs. I am thinking her age may be too young but at the other hand, why not teach her since it's not boring but can be fun like a game.

    Can someone advise me on this?

    thanks alot!

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    ASL is like any other language. It is best acquired naturally. Now that your little one knows BALL, for example, simply add the color to go with it. Same thing with numbers. If you would count something to a child, add the signs with it. I used to say, "1, 2, 3 up" each time I picked up my daughter. I would sign the numbers and pick her up when I said "up." If you are singing the ABC song, go ahead and add the signs. Just make it a fun game. She will pick it up with time.

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