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    Default Music Videos DVD

    Has Signing Time ever considered putting out a Music Video with all those fabulous Rachel Coleman songs on it, and then with a gloss of the signs used?

    You could have 2 sections:

    1) The music videos as they appear in the regular shows (i.e., some straight shots of Rachel signing, then cuts to thematic images, etc.)

    2) A learners section with a) the music videos as they appear on the Signing Time App in "Show Me a Sign" and "The Good" (i.e., straight shots of Rachel signing each song), followed by b) a video gloss or dictionary of the signs she uses in each song.

    Rachel signing her songs in the videos is a VERY powerful part of the Signing Time trademark. I don't know anyone who doesn't want to learn how to sign those songs. Yet in the shows, we can't always see all the signs she uses.

    This would be SUCH a fabulous resource!

    Please, please, pretty please consider doing it.

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    There is a Signing Time Sing and Sign DVD available.
    It covers:
    Signing Time Theme
    Magic Words
    Look at My Hands
    Silly Pizza Song
    Rainy Day
    Good Night Baby
    In a House
    Beautiful Day
    A is for Alex and Alligator
    The Rainbow Song
    5 A Day
    Kei, mom of 6, including 11 yr old William, who has T21/aka Down syndrome
    My blog~ Unlimited

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    Red face

    Thanks so much for this. My naivete is showing, isn't it?


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