Before the shots Signing Time Team Ghana
No shots here!

Here’s the first batch!
Yellow Fever Anyone?

Yesterday we went in to the University of Utah Travel Clinic for a health consultation about our upcoming trip to Ghana Africa and (drum roll please) we had our first round of shots! We had our “exotic shots” done today and we will each see our regular doctors for the less exotic shots. An exotic shot is Yellow Fever, we also had MMR (Measles, Mumps & Rubella) shots because they have shown that live shots should either be received on the same day or a month apart. Believe it or not the stuff for typhoid is taken orally. The consultation and paperwork took more than 3 hours.

Alex had never had a shot in his whole life, so he was a little concerned about the whole thing. We went oldest to youngest and Alex and Leah laughed hysterically as each person winced at their shots. They laughed at each other but neither one was laughing when it was their turn.

Alex Gets His First Shot. Leah Laughs Hysterically!
Alex gets his first shots

Not SO Funny Now is it Leah?
Leah gets her Yellow Fever Shot

Rachel’s First shot & Rachel’s Second Shot.
Rachel’s First ShotRachel’s MMR shot #2

Aaron’s Second Shot. Leah Is Empathetic.
Aaron Coleman’s second shot

After Alex’s second shot he turned very pale and then almost green. I said, “Alex, you don’t look so hot!” He said, “I feel sick!’ Aaron grabbed the garbage can. I grabbed a cup of water. Then we had Alex lie down on the sofa. He sucked on a candy cane and eventually the color came back to his face… eventually.