I am officially in the lead having received 6 shots total. 2 shots on Friday and 4 yesterday and I started my Typhoid series last night.

I went to the doctor to make sure that whatever sickness I have had since before Christmas does not need to medication. The bottom line: I am just fine:-) I am sure you are all happy to hear! (LOL) Since I had already paid my co-pay, why make another appointment for shots. I got 4 more shots and geez!!! that tetanus hurts today. I could hardly wash my hair in the shower! I’ve been playing Boxing on the Wii in hopes of getting it to move on through more quickly.

The funny thing is this. After my shots they sent me to the lab to have blood drawn (so I may be MORE in the lead than I am giving myself credit for) Don’t you think those blood test results might look a little odd? “Well Ms. Coleman it appears you have a touch of yellow fever, a dab of tetanus, just a splash of measles, mumps and rubella as well as a slight case of meningitis and hep A + B – no wonder you haven’t been feeling well! It’s a wonder you’re still alive!”