Signing Time How-To Guides provide useful signing tips and strategies for parents and teachers. Some guides focus on signing with children with autism, Down syndrome, and other special needs, while others address signing with children in a variety of educational settings. The Potty Time guide provides potty training tips for parents and child care providers. Now you have three purchasing options for each guide:

  • 2-page summary - free
  • Full guide: digital edition – 2.99 each (or get them all free with digital subscription)
  • Full guide: print edition – 4.99

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Parent Guide

Signing Time Parent Success Guide


Autism Guide

Speech and Language

Speech and Language Guide

Down Syndrome

Down Syndrome Guide


Child Care and Preschool

Childcare and Preschool Guide


Enhance Literacy Instruction


Homeschool Guide

Potty Training

Potty Time Guide