Host a Signing Time Event with Rachel Coleman in Your Community

As a performer, business owner, and parent of two children with special needs, Rachel Coleman (host and co-creator of Signing Time) delivers a life-changing message that is engaging, meaningful, and inspiring.

Rachel Coleman is available on a limited basis to speak and/or perform for schools and school districts, special needs groups, corporations, early education groups, conferences, trade shows, parenting groups, or any special interest group geared toward children and learning.

If you are part of an organization or group that would like to sponsor an event with Rachel Coleman, here are a few things to consider:

1. What kind of event would be most appropriate for your intended audience?

Events we have done in the past include:

  • Performances, Concerts, and Assemblies for any size group
  • Trainings and Workshops
  • Keynote/Inspirational Speeches and Presentations
  • Down Syndrome Buddy Walks
  • Meet-and-Greet, Autographs, Photo opportunities
  • Community Play Dates/Play Groups

(Your event may include one or more of these options.)

2. Where would the event take place? Do you have access to a suitable venue?

As the event host, you are responsible for securing a suitable location with adequate parking and space for your size group. You are also responsible for any costs that may be incurred for space rental, and securing appropriate audio-visual equipment and support. (We can provide further guidance on this once you have decided to schedule Rachel to come to your area.)

Past performances and appearances have taken place in the following locations:

  1. Outdoors (season-appropriate)
  2. School classrooms, auditoriums, gyms
  3. Churches
  4. Community centers
  5. Convention centers
  6. Conferences, Break-out session rooms
  7. Theaters or auditoriums of any size
  8. Libraries
  9. Private residences
  10. Government institutions
  11. Childcare centers
  12. Companies/Corporations

3. What kind of advertising and promotion will be required to produce a successful event?

All events will be advertised on our corporate blog and when possible, in our newsletter and other communications. However, all local advertising and event promotion is your responsibility. (We will provide guidelines and recommendations based on our experience.)

4. What is your budget? Do you have funds or fundraising options?

There are costs involved in sponsoring an appearance by Rachel. As a host, your financial responsibilities are as follows:

  • Event Sponsorship Fee: Expenses depend on your particular event, location, and dates.

The Event Sponsorship Fee covers the many administrative expenses incurred by the Signing Time Foundation preparing for, supporting, and producing an event. This includes compensation for the event coordinators time and travel, and minimal compensation for Ms. Coleman’s time preparing, traveling, and performing. Additional cast members, such as Hopkins (mascot), Alex, and Leah (yes, the real ones) may be available for an additional fee,

  • All travel expenses for Ms. Coleman and the event coordinator: airfare, hotel, car rental or other transportation as needed.
  • Other expenses, fees, supplies and materials as needed.

(Again, we can provide suggestions and ideas based on successful events in the past.)

If you are interested in scheduling an event with Rachel Coleman, please get in touch with one of our Outreach Coordinators.

If you are organizing an event and would like Rachel Coleman to be a part of it please contact:
Aaron Coleman – Signing Time Foundation Outreach Coordinator
If you are an Instructor in the Signing Time Academy and would like to bring Rachel Coleman to your community for a Signing Time Community Concert or other event please contact:
Kelly Konieczki – Signing Time Academy Associate Director

We will provide further support and guidance from start to finish, to ensure you have a successful, memorable event!


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