How to Gift a Signing Time Digital Video

How to give a Signing Time digital video as a gift:

  1. Visit our Digital Shop.

  2. Search by age or topic to find the video you want.

  3. Click the yellow “give as a gift” button.Give Signing Time Digital Videos as a Gift!

  4. Enter the name of the person you are sending the gift to and scroll down to click “Checkout”.

  5. Complete checkout.

  6. On the confirmation page, click the gift link to wrap and send all your gifts.

  7. Enter in your recipients’ information, select a delivery method (click here for more information about the different delivery methods) and add messages for your lucky recipients.

  8. Once you’re all done, click the “Put a bow on it” button, and your gifts will be wrapped and sent. On the next screen, you can view your wrapped gifts and print them if you’d like.