How to Gift a Digital Video

Take learning on the go!

  1. Go to SigningTime.TV and sign in.

  2. Tap/click blue “Shop” button

  3. Open your selected product
    Not sure? Don’t worry! Your recipient can choose another product of equal value.

  4. Tap/click orange “Gift” button

  5. Enter the name of your recipient

  6. Tap/click green “Add gift to cart” button

  7. Done shopping?
    Tap/click green “Check out” button

  8. Complete checkout.

  9. On your receipt page, scroll down
    Tap/click purple “Wrap gifts” button

  10. Enter in your recipients’ information
    Personalize your gift message

  11. Scroll down and tap/click orange button
    Your gift will be emailed to your recipient

  12. You will see this success message

  13. To see if your gift has been redeemed,
    click “Options” and “My account”

    Unredeemed products are marked “inactive”
    Redeemed products are marked “active”