Letter from Rachel: Signing Time on Public Television

Dear Friends,

The past three years have been an exciting time for us at Two Little Hands Productions as Signing Time has debuted on stations around the country.  When our show was first offered we had no idea what to expect, we hoped at least a handful of stations would carry our little series.  My sister Emilie and I created Signing Time in hopes of introducing a fun new way to communicate while simultaneously breaking down the language barrier between typical children and their peers with disabilities.  Our mission of helping all children communicate is still so important and I thank all of you who have shared Signing Time with the people around you and championed our cause.

Remarkably we reached a cumulative carriage of over 70% of the public television stations, something we are very proud of.  Emilie and I had hoped that national exposure would help us secure a sponsor whose mission aligns with ours; to date this has not happened.  As two sisters, who are mothers and creators of the show, we simply can not finance an additional season ourselves. As of October 1st 2008, Signing Time will no longer be airing on public television.

I am honored that my family has been welcomed into so many homes through public television.  It has been a pleasure working with each station, partnering with them for outreach events and allowing me to meet so many Signing Time fans face to face.

We hope that in the future we may be able to bring Signing Time to television once again.

Signing Time resources and products including DVDs, CDs, books, weekly chats and parenting forums are always available at www.signingtime.com.

Thank you for being a part of our Signing Time family.


Rachel Coleman
Co-creator and Host of Signing Time

Note to public television stations: We are happy to continue offering Signing Time products to stations at a discount for pledge, promotions, events and Ready to Learn projects. We are not selling rights to Signing Time at this time.