NBC Today Show highlights signing star Elizabeth Barrett

Last March NBC’s Today Show introduced the nation to Elizabeth Barrett, an amazing 17-month old baby who could read. Elizabeth, with help from Signing Time, had the amazing capacity to put together letters and sound out words at a a very early age. Read the March 2008 story about Elizabeth on our website.

After learning about how Elizabeth and her family were using Signing Time DVDs we invited them to be a part of our new production of Baby Signing Time Volumes 3 and 4. You can read from Rachel’s blog about our experience with Elizabeth while creating Baby Signing Time Volumes 3 & 4.

Then last November the Today Show followed up on Elizabeth. You can also find that story and video on our website.

Once again the Today Show is keeping us up to date on what Elizabeth is doing. She’s reading the newspaper, reading the news ticker on TV and is excelling in many other areas. I was surprised to watch Elizabeth name off the US state capitols and understand and read large words like “responsibility”. However, the most touching part of the video is knowing that although she has an amazing ability, she enjoys being two years old just like any other toddler.

We hope you enjoy the video and post your comments if you have thoughts on how signing or Signing Time has helped your children excel in life.