New Childcare and Preschool Starter Kit and guide

Signing with young children will help you be a more effective teacher – and bring an element of fun to your daily routines and lesson plans. Signs allow children to:
• tell you what they want – without getting frustrated
• let you know if they are hurt or sick
• express their feelings
• learn to get along with others

When signs are used in the classroom, there are fewer incidents of tantrums, hitting, biting, and other types of aggression. In addition to creating more peaceful learning environments, signing helps you address the learning styles of all the children in the classroom. When signs and words are used together, auditory learners hear the word, visual learners see the sign and kinesthetic learners can use their hands to make the sign.

Research shows that infants and toddlers who use signs learn to talk sooner. They have larger vocabularies and use longer sentences when they start talking. And they feel more secure and confident. In addition, studies have found that preschool children who were taught signs as a part of their reading instruction scored higher on standardized reading tests.

The Childcare and Preschool Starter Kit includes a downloadable PDF Guide for educators, Board Book 2: Playtime Signs, Volume 3 DVD: Everyday Signs, Volume 5 DVD: ABC Signs, Volume 12 DVD: Time to Eat and Signing Time Volume 4-6 Music CD.

How-To Guide Learn about the benefits of signing with children in early childhood settings – and get useful tips for signing in the classroom and a sample lesson plan with this FREE 11-page guide.

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