New Signing Time Christmas Kickstarter Reward + Stretch Goal: Season 3!

NOW it feels like Christmas… and because of our 975 Backers (and counting) who have pledged to our Kickstarter campaign, we will finally have the gift of Signing Time Christmas!!! These shows will impact countless children for years to come.


The Signing Time treehouse-set has been in storage for SEVEN years. I haven’t had the heart to throw it away.

Signing Time Storage Unit

I have to tell you that Alex and Leah are beyond excited. Leah suggested when we set up the treehouse we film her real reaction and Alex’s as they return to their childhood play place. She is all about nostalgia!


Our Kickstarter campaign ends THIS Monday night, 12/9/13 at 9:30pm Pacific. It is a short campaign, because I want to be able to deliver the Signing Time and Baby Signing Time Rewards to our backers before the holidays.


NEW REWARD: Personalized Lullaby for $99! It’s limited to 150 Backers, if you choose that reward and complete your survey by 12/18 you will receive your personalized version of my song “Goodnight Baby” in time for Christmas 2013! (Includes one or two children’s names in your song.)


STRETCH GOAL: How do you feel about Signing Time Season 3? When we reach $150,000 we will create a pilot episode for ST3!! (Talk about “bringing back Alex & Leah!”). Personally, I would like to see it include more phrases and conversational sign. At the $150,000 goal I will release additional Rewards to have Your Child In Our Shows!


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Love and peace this holiday season,

~ Rachel, Alex & Leah