Media is pervasive and prevalent in our society. Our job as parents is to teach our children to be wise consumers of media. What your child can and should watch depends on their age and maturity level, but there are some guidelines you can follow at just about any age.

What to avoid…

  • No media in a child’s bedroom – keep media use to open family spaces.
  • No live newscasts as these are not geared towards children and may contain graphic and disturbing imagery and words.
  • Don’t allow content that focuses on violence or adult themes.
  • Choose TV stations that do not include advertisements to children.

What to choose…

  • Watch with your child, or be aware of the general content of what they are watching.
  • Choose content that teaches values that are important to your family.
  • Choose interactive content that asks the child to do something: answer a question, get up and move, etc.

Signing Time is media you can feel good about. Sign language naturally captures the movement and expression that’s important to child development, while teaching concepts and vocabulary that support positive messages and everyday life skills.