Rachel wins Wasatch Woman of the Year thanks to Signing Time fan Tammy T.

Rachel on the cover of Wasatch Woman Magazine
Rachel on the cover of Wasatch Woman Magazine

Rachel Coleman wins Wasatch Woman of the Year, thanks to a nomination by Tammy T. of South Jordan, UT. Thank you, Tammy for spreading the word about Signing Time. Visit our forums to share with us what you are doing to spread the word about Signing Time!

Tammy has been a part of the Signing Time Community since 2002 when her husband first heard about learning sign language through Signing Time on KSL Radio. They purchased Signing Time on VHS for their niece and their own children. She was one of the original members of the yahoo group which later became the Signing Time forums. Tammy has done several things to share Signing Time with her community including donating copies to Primary Children’s Hospital and local families. She has also nominated Rachel Coleman, Emilie Brown, and Signing Time for many awards and recognitions.

Rachel is Wasatch Woman of the Year 2009. Nominated by Tammy
Rachel is Wasatch Woman of the Year 2009. Nominated by Tammy T. of South Jordan, Utah.

Recently, Tammy’s nomination in the business category won Rachel the Wasatch Woman of the Year Award. Tammy wrote,

“Rachel along with her sister created a company called Two Little Hands Productions and a video series called Signing Time. Signing Time teaches sign language to children of all abilities. She started out creating one video as a labor of love for her daughter Leah. She wanted to help others to be able to communicate with Leah. That one video turned into an entire series. Rachel uses her incredible talent of writing songs and signing to put signs to music. She has made a huge difference in so many people’s lives by helping children to communicate with their families and others before they can talk or if they aren’t able to talk. She travels the world for outreach events at libraries, schools, children’s fairs, etc. She has traveled to Africa to help the deaf children and their teachers. It is amazing to read on the Signing Time website aboutall that she does and the great success that her business is having. It amazes me all that she does running her business, taking care of her children and family and serving others.”

Tammy has also volunteered her time at Signing Time events in Salt Lake City including the Signing Time Benefit Concert and at the Hogle Zoo. Tammy said “I do it because of what Signing Time has done for my family and I want to spread the word to others on how it can help.” When they started using Signing Time they didn’t know how much it would benefit their family. Her six year old son, Michael, who appeared in Baby Signing Time Volumes 1 & 2, has speech delays and is currently in speech therapy. The speech therapist is amazed at how well he communicates in spite of his speech problems. Tammy believes this is because of his exposure to Signing Time and ASL. Michael would sign when he was not being understood. When the speech therapist asked to Michael to say a word, if the therapist didn’t understand what he said, he would fingerspell the word. He is doing very well with spelling, which is unusual for children with his type of speech problems.

Tammy plans on continuing her efforts to share Signing Time wherever she can.

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