Hand-y Crafts

Handy Crafts

Hand-y Crafts are fun art projects your children can do with their own hands – and sometimes a little help from a grown-up! Use them at home, for playgroups, parties, or at school. Be sure to subscribe to receive each a new Hand-y Craft each month.

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2014 Hand-y Crafts
2013 Hand-y Crafts
2012 Hand-y Crafts
Seasons Memory Book
Keepsake Calendar
Printable Valentines
Pumpkin Patterns
Archived Hand-y Crafts (2006 – 2011)

2014 Handy Crafts 

Jan: Stained Glass Snowflakes
Feb: Heart Keepsakes
March: My ABC Insect Discovery Book
April : Finger Paint Flowers
July: 5 Senses Discovery Book
September: The Amazing Human Body
October: Halloween Poster
NEW!  November: Mayflower

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2013 Handy Crafts

Jan: Story Books
Feb: Animal Memory Game
March: Feelings Flip Book
April: Windsocks
May: Mother’s Day Bath Salt Jar
June: Father’s Day Kit Keepers
July: Activity Dice
Aug: Character Bookmarks
Sept: Character Cards
Oct: Rainbow Salad Activity
Nov: Paper Plate Turkey
Dec: Holiday Angels

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2012 Handy Crafts

Jan: Paper Penguins
March: Paper Lambs
April: Easter Rabbits
May: Stepping Stones
June: Summer Scrapbook
July: Decorative Pots
Aug: School Supply Holders
Sept: Autumn Trees
Oct: Printable ASL ABC Book & Instructions
Nov: Move and Groove Game
Dec: Expression Masks

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Seasons Memory Books

Make your own “Seasons” memory book with the following four crafts:

Seasons Book: Winter
Seasons Book: Spring
Seasons Book: Summer
Seasons Book: Fall

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Keepsake Calendar

Do a project each month, and at the end of the year you’ll have a wonderful keepsake of special memories you’ve shared with your child.



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Printable Valentines

Share these printable Signing Time Valentines with your favorite Valentine!

Baby Signing Time Valentines
Signing Time Valentines
Hopkins Valentines

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Pumpkin Patterns

Create Signing Time jack-o-lanterns for Halloween fun.


Pumpkin Pattern Carving Instructions


Signing Time Logo Pumpkin Pattern
Baby Signing Time Logo Pumpkin Pattern
Baby Hopkins Pumpkin Pattern
Baby Alex, Leah & Hopkins Pumpkin Pattern
Baby Alex & Leah hugging Hopkins Pumpkin Pattern
Hopkins Pumpkin Pattern #1
Hopkins Pumpkin Pattern #2
Hopkins Pumpkin Pattern #3
Alex & Leah Pumpkin Pattern
Rachel Pumpkin Pattern

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