Many Classroom Uses for Signing Time

by Anya Gregory Kearns, Utah

I am both a mother and a teacher. I love using Signing Time in my home and my classroom.

I have found so many uses for Signing Time in my classroom. Volume 13: Welcome To School is a great classroom-management tool. I use this DVD at the beginning of the year. As a teacher, I use many silent cues to communicate with my students so as not to disrupt the classroom atmosphere. These signs help me to communicate directions without ever using my voice.

Early childhood educators are always finding ways to reinforce the alphabet. Volume 5: ABC Signs is a great tool to reinforce classroom curriculum that is already being taught.

Part of the first grade curriculum deals with teaching about a child’s community. Volume 11: My Neighborhood is a great way to help students identify all those things that make up their community.

In first grade, we teach about animals and their habitats. I use Volumes 7, 8, and 9 to reinforce these concepts. They are able to see the animals as well as see some of the animals in their natural habitats. I use Volume 9: The Zoo Train before and after we go on our field trip to the zoo. I have the students identify which animals they see at our zoo.

Another fun way to use Signing Time is through the CDs. Once the students learn the signs I use the CDs during music time. The students love to sing, and the signs create a way for them to be able to add movement.

I love using Signing Time in my classroom. I am not only able to review many concepts but they are a great reward. My students look forward to when they are able to watch Signing Time. I love finding ways to make learning fun and memorable. Signing Time is a great way to create those moments.

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