Special Needs Articles

Articles on Signing with Children with Special Needs

The Signing Time Newsletter features excellent articles each month that are written by fans, professionals, and our staff members about their experiences with Signing Time. Each article supports the benefits of sign language with all children. Feel free to read and share these with others for your own personal use. (However, if would like to re-print or re-distribute these articles in other publications, please contact us for permission first.)

These are featured articles that talk about the benefits of using sign language with children with special needs:

Using Signing Time Helped Me Get to Know My Autistic Son
I Got My Baby Back Because of Sign Language
The Joy of Signing With an Autistic Child
Sign Language Helps Autistic Children Create Meaning in Language
Effective Communication with Children with Autism
Becoming the Very Resource I’d Wished For
Parenting Through Sign Language
Autism and Meta Analysis