See why Potty Time is the #1 app for potty training

Potty Time is the #1 potty training app in iTunes and Google Play!

I can tell you from experience what children love most about this app is the video call feature. Rachel Coleman, the Emmy-nominated host of Signing Time and Potty Time, can “call” your child to say “Good job!” or “Try again!” with a short video.

My son and a few of his friends were potty training when the app was released and they all wanted to call Rachel after trying to use the potty. They loved it! My son is potty trained now, but he still occasionally asks if he can call Rachel using the app 🙂

Preview samples of the video calls:



Watch a success call

Watch an accident call



Very encouraging and supportive! My little one LOVES Signing Time and recognizes the lady from TV. My daughter really loves the phone call saying, “Great job! I’m so proud of you.” My little one really lights up for this app and special phone call! ~Theressa”

The POTTY TIME app features 7 additional activities to increase success:

  • Read “Hopkins Uses the Potty” together
  • Watch Potty Time videos together
  • Play a fun Potty Time matching game
  • Chart your child’s success on your mobile device
  • Print a success chart for your fridge
  • Celebrate your child’s success with a Potty Time Certificate
  • Brag about your child on our Facebook page
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