Sign Language for Kids

Enjoy the benefits of bilingualism

  • Sign Language is a fun, hands-on second language used by millions of Americans.
  • Studies show that learning multiple languages has many cognitive benefits that simply put, make your child smarter. 1
  • Bilingual children have a better memory than their peers. 2


Signing boosts academic achievement.

  • Studies have shown that hearing children who are taught sign language as a part of their reading instruction score higher on standardized reading tests. 3
  • One study showed that babies who learned and used signs scored an average of 12 points higher on IQ tests than their peers.

Why Signing Time?

The award-winning Signing Time system is designed to make learning sign language as fun, convenient, & easy as possible.

  • Featured on Nick Jr. & Public Television
  • Emmy-nominated host Rachel Coleman
  • 26 DVDs teach 1000+ signs through animation, music, and real life signers!
  • Board Books (great for bedtime)
  • Flash Cards (keep a set in your purse or car)


Signing Time!

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