Sally S.
West Valley, UT

The new volumes of Baby Signing Time are absolutely wonderful! My son loved the new songs and was up dancing around the room with Rachel. He absolutely loved “Opposites” song and game. We had to play that one over and over for him, and we’ve been singing it around the house ever since watching it. It’s great because it teaches him the opposites too! He was very excited for the new DVDs and really enjoyed them. They are great for my husband and I too; they are fun and easy to interact with. The “Strollin” song is also another favorite around here!  Another great set of DVDs from Signing Time!

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By LeeAnn M.
West Jordan, UT

I brought home Baby Signing Time Volume 3 to preview with my four year old. She loved it and signed right along with Rachel and the other children. We had to watch ‘Strollin’ three times so she could stroll like Rachel. Even though this is targeted to infants and toddlers, my older children enjoyed watching it with me. With a new baby on the way I am excited to add the Baby Signing Time Volumes to our collections.

By Tammy T.
South Jordan, UT

This past weekend I was lucky enough to be able to preview the new Signing Time DVDs.  I previewed Baby Signing Time 4, “Let’s Be Friends”. I was sitting on an exercise ball while I watched it and was bouncing like crazy and singing along. My three year old was dancing and singing right along with me. I really liked all of the songs, but I think one of my favorites was called “Can You Feel It?”  Some of the signs taught are: Feel, Happy, Sad, Laugh and Cry.

I love that at such a young age children can be taught and understand what feelings are and that through this beautiful language they can communicate that to us. I think this is a wonderful addition to BST 1 and BST 2. I can’t wait until they come out so we can watch it some more. I wish Signing Time was available when I had my second daughter almost 12 years ago. She didn’t talk until she was at least three. I couldn’t understand her and she threw terrible tantrums wherever we were at and they lasted for at least ½ hour. She knew exactly what she wanted; she just couldn’t communicate that to me. I’m so grateful to have access to such a wonderful tool now. My last two children have been able to communicate what they want before they could talk and it has been wonderful and amazing.

By Kei M.
Charlemont, MA

My family and I had the opportunity to preview Baby Signing Time Volumes 3 and 4! Rachel previously offered sneak peeks of the songs ‘Strolling’ and ‘Sunny Day’ from Volume 3 on the Wednesday night Signing Time chat and I have been anxiously awaiting the release of the new DVDs ever since. The new volumes are my favorites to date. The songs are upbeat, fun and catchy. I find myself singing them several times throughout the day. Sarah, 10, and William, 8, watched Baby Signing Time 3 with us. William, who has Down syndrome, loved it so much he wanted to watch it over and over again, especially when Rachel teaches the sign for ‘bug’. I really love the entire volume, but if I had to choose a favorite section, it would have to be “Sunny Day”; no matter how I’m feeling, when I think about that part and sing the song, it just lifts me up.

Sarah’s review of Volume 3: “I thought it was really cute and cheery. It was one of the best Baby Signing Time volumes so far! All the songs got stuck in my head~ in a good way! I started singing them everywhere.”

My husband and I watched Baby Signing Time 4 without the kids. We smiled, laughed and when it was over, we really wanted to watch it again. I enjoyed the “Opposites” song and know that it will be very helpful in teaching the concept of opposites to children. “That Tastes Good” is going to be a family favorite of all who see it. Volume 4 reinforces friendship and sharing with “Let’s Be Friends”.

My husband is amazed that having seen Signing Time from the beginning, Two Little Hands is continually improving the quality of the shows while maintaining the same proven instructional content in an extremely entertaining format.