Story Week 2012: See all 5 of Rachel’s videos

Story Week 2012


Rachel Coleman, Emmy-nominated host of Signing Time, shares fun, heartwarming and inspirational stories from Signing Time families.  Watch all 5 videos below – and share your Signing Time stories with us. Visit


 DAY 1: Pictures from Japan, a Mother’s Day card for Rachel, and some surprising mementos!

 DAY 2: A deaf grandfather reaches out to Rachel, a letter from a mom with a child who has a speech delay, how signing helped doctor’s diagnose an 18-month old with diabetes, and why Rachel keeps ALL of the letters and emails with your stories.

 DAY 3: A big thank you from a deaf mom of a hearing child, and “My mom is my hero” school report from 11-year-old Leah.

 DAY 4: Touching letters from two mothers of children with Autism.

 DAY 5: Hand-made gloves and other mementos that fans have made for Rachel, a letter from a mom who is losing her hearing, and a story from a set of grandparents about how Baby Signing Time brought joy to their family during their granddaughter’s struggle for life.

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