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We love Signing Times!

We love Signing Time!

Signing Time user Brit-Simone from Organic Living Diva wrote a wonderful blog about the benefits of signing with your child. We wanted to share her excellent post with you! Brit-Simone started using sign language with her 6 month old daughter, Skylar. They use Signing Time, Baby Signing Time, and Rachel and the TreeSchoolers programs. Brit-Simone has researched the benefits and scientific reasons why teaching sign language to your baby is such a great idea. From Organic Living Diva: “Skylar talks about the planets in the solar system, how salt dissolves ice, and things like particles and outer space on a …

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Signing Time Your Way: Integrating Signing with Homeschooling

Colleen Brunetti, M.Ed. Originally Published March 5, 2013. Updated to reflect current information. Families who homeschool their children have a wonderful opportunity to choose curriculum and activities tailored exactly to their child’s needs and interests. Let’s look at some of the ways that signing with your homeschooled child can be integrated into your day. Capitalize on your child’s learning strengths As we well know, children learn in different ways and through a variety of strengths. Sign language taps into tactile (touch), auditory, visual, and kinesthetic (movement) ways of communicating, making it highly accessible for just about any young learner. Further, …

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How to Stop Your Child from Whining

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text] Why do children whine? Children typically start whining as they develop verbal language. It’s often the only way toddlers express themselves when they are hungry, tired, uncomfortable or don’t want to do something. While whining is very common in toddlers, but by age 3-4, children should be able to use the same words to express themselves with a less whiny voice. Then by age 6-8, children should be able to break the habit completely. Positive Parenting states kids whine, “Because it works!” (For your kids, that is.) When your kids whine and negotiate, they secure a big chunk of …

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Baby Sign Language May Enhance Memory

One of the many cognitive benefits to your child after starting early communication with baby sign language is an enhanced memory. Research has found that associating signs and actions with words help the brain to retain a stronger memory. For example, when a child learns a word in conjunction with a sign, they are more likely to remember and understand the meaning of the word. When babies learn to sign before they even hit a year of age, they start learning to remember the actions to communicate. This helps children remember words because there is a muscle memory involved. (Teaching Sign …

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Baby Sign Language Is a Fun Way To Learn

Help your little one to develop a love of learning early on as you learn baby sign language with them. Have fun with signing as you incorporate interactive games and songs to educate your child and bond with them. Making learning fun early on can encourage a love of learning later. There are many games to play in sign that will not only help your baby to learn sign but also entertain them for hours on end. This form of entertainment will be one of the most beneficial ways to spend time with your baby as they learn and grow. …

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Baby Sign Language – Thanksgiving Signs!

It’s Thanksgiving this week and a perfect time to learn some new sign with your little one! With this family-oriented time of year, it’s a nice time to learn some associated signs as you get ready for the holidays. Help your child get excited too as they learn with you! ASL Sign For TURKEY Turkey is a must for Thanksgiving. Teach your child to sign this Thanksgiving stable by making forming your right hand into a fist, straightening out your pointer finger and thumb. This is the same sign for the letter “Q”. Place your fist under your chin and …

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Baby Sign Language Success

I just have to say thank you to the Signing Time family. My daughter absolutely adores your videos and has taken to signing better than we could have ever hoped for. It became evident to me when my husband was speaking to her and then added the sign for what he was saying. Her face just lit up as if to say, “so I really did get it”. We cannot thank you enough for the joy you’ve brought into our home with an increased ability to communicate with our baby!  Kelly  

One Family’s Story – Sign Language to Law School

One of the most wonderful gifts we get here at Two Little Hands is hearing how sign language has made a difference in families lives. We received this story from a family in Indiana and we had to share it with you. Thank you, Bob, for taking the time to share your story with us. Sign Language at 3, to Law School, to Signing with Grandchildren I wanted to tell you about what happened almost 40 years ago. My wife and I decided to take a signing class at our church. One evening we were eating supper and our first daughter …

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Smart Media Choices for Your Child

Media is pervasive and prevalent in our society. Our job as parents is to teach our children to be wise consumers of media. What your child can and should watch depends on their age and maturity level, but there are some guidelines you can follow at just about any age. What to avoid… No media in a child’s bedroom – keep media use to open family spaces. No live newscasts as these are not geared towards children and may contain graphic and disturbing imagery and words. Don’t allow content that focuses on violence or adult themes. Choose TV stations that do …

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5 Myths Busted About Signing With Your Child

There are some common misconceptions about signing with your child.  We’re going to bust those myths so you can make an educated decision and get started! Myth 1 – There’s a perfect time to start (and we might have missed it):  Parents always ask us if it is too soon or too early to sign with their child. The truth is, American Sign Language (ASL) can be started at any time, just like any other second language. Anytime is a good time to begin signing! Myth 2- There is a perfect way to start signing: The truth is, just like with …

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