Target Markets in Your Own Backyard

Colleen Brunetti, M.Ed.

One of the best things about being a Signing Time Academy Instructor is that we have such a wide market to teach our classes in. There are in-home classes, mommy and me groups, libraries, rec centers and so much more. Have you ever considered adding homeschooling families as a potential place to bring your classes and products?

happy homerschoolerHomeschooling Trends
The rate of children being homeschooled is growing nationwide, by up to 75% since 1999 in fact! It’s a growing trend that offers you a great opportunity to bring Signing Time to children of many ages. I was curious as to how many homeschooling families were around my area and when I spoke to a local homeschooling mom, she told me in her network alone there were about 400 families. Now, I come from an area of tiny towns, with mine having a population of only about 6,000 people, so you can imagine how surprising this high number was. And that was only in one network! To find networks around you, simply Google your town or county’s name with the word “Homeschool”. You might also want to check sites like Many Meetup groups welcome guest speakers and this is a great way to get your name out in the community for homeschoolers and the public in general.

Homeschooling Talking Points
When you go to speak with homeschooling families you are going to want to think about what sorts of things Signing Time can offer them specifically. Be sure to read the Homeschooling Guide, which is available in the Instructor Lounge for STA instructors, and for your clients on

I really enjoy talking to parents about how sign language is so inviting for a variety of learning styles and also a variety of ages. This is a great point to bring up with homeschooling families, many of whom will be schooling children of multiple ages and perhaps with unique learning needs.

Another great talking point is how sign language can be integrated across a homeschooling curriculum.  In past blog posts, we have touched on how Signing is Spelling and how signing can be helpful in Establishing the Foundations of Literacy. However, signing goes beyond these concepts as well. You can use it to teach number concepts, make social studies come alive, and to learn about things in nature and in the community. Keep in mind how our DVDs are themed and encourage parents to explore them as a great supplement to their curriculum.

Homeschooling Products
You may also want to offer some of our products that work particularly well with homeschooling. There is the Homschool Bundle, as well as the Classroom Edition and the Preschool and Childcare Program. Depending on your preference and the needs of the family or homeschool group, you can offer these as stand-alone products for their use, or offer yourself as a great guest instructor. Let us know how it goes working with the homeschooling community! Share your success on the Signing Time Academy facebook page.