Abby M (Willow Park, TX US)

My 3 year old, Jack, has moderate/severe intellectual disability and a severe speech/language delay due to a rare chromosomal deletion. We had been trying to sign with him for over a year with no luck, and since he wasn’t signing back I found myself trying less and less. Then I got some Signing Time DVDs and with the help of my very eager 18 month old Ben and Rachel’s catchy music and easy instructions, I’ve been better able to incorporate signing into our whole day. Jack has starting to pick up on it, signing ‘more’, ‘all done’, ‘help’, ‘please’, ‘drink’, ‘jump’, ‘swing’, and ‘cookie’ all on his own now, and copying many other signs that he has not yet mastered the meaning or use of but will soon!Thank you so much, Signing Time, for helping Jack tells us what he needs!!!