Amanda-Beth c (Gosgen, IN US)

I had learned Bible and Jesus as many kids do in Sunday school. I learned the letters from book in 5th grade in 95 if remember yr right. I learned few more things from first deaf person I met in 8th grade. I didn’t know why I was learning though sister and I learned a lot from your show when it aired on pbs. We kind of used signs to talk to 1 another so parents couldn’t understand. It never made much sence why learn it till 2005 our baby brother was born and we found are selfs naturally speaking and signing to him at same time he is now 7 yrs old he has always from time he tried to start speaking had speach issues he still dose at age 7 and usesally the family can understand his language but if we can’t he can sign to us. I was so amazed when he signed banana pancake to me before i left for church 1 Sunday. It was his first sign and he wasn’t talking yet at time and evdm though I’m nearly 27 and on own that’s precious to know he can sign if he can’t even get close to the word he wants. That is not the end of the story you see when I moved out I’m like ok so I helped brother now what use is this at around age 21 I started having seizures and right before and after 1 I can’t talk so even if all ppl can’t fully understand they can understand the idea behind it and no for time being I can’t talk to them and get idea of what I need. And my boyfriend of 2 almost 3 yrs also has seizures and knows sign so we can understand what other needs when one can’t speak. I find myself watching the vids on YouTube of singing time more and more to learn I may not know the reason but I definitely know their is a reason and so will continue to learn and refresh memory as we all forget sadly I’m one who dose more often do to the seizures. However this is blessing for now brother and hopefully sister who came after him who also has some delays not as bad as 7 yrs old can always communicate(this isn’t whole family just the ones that were involved in signing) whenever they need and during times when I can’t verbalize I can tell others. Reason I learned before and kept on makes sense now and their is a reason I now am learning more even if I do not yet know the why.