April S. (Polk, NE)

My son is now 2 but was getting so frustrated trying to tell us what he wanted and would act out a lot. Now with Signing Time! he is always happy because he can sign what he wants and even more! My sister-in-law told me about these videos and I was wondering why she wanted him to learn sign language since he can hear just fine, but once I saw the improvement in his communication I now tell everyone about these WONDERFUL DVDS! We are so proud of our son and how much he has learned in 5 months! He now knows over 60 signs and constantly uses them! We are even trying to get our nieces and nephews the DVDS so they can learn too! Our son loves these DVDS on top of it! He will go and get them and want you to put it in so he can watch it! He just loves Alex and gets excited when he comes up! Thank you so much for creating these DVDS!