Ashley A. (Gray, LA)

I started using signs with my daughter when she was about 11 months old. My intention was just the basics-milk, more, eat. She started using those signs within about a week after introducing them to her. She loved the Baby Signing Time DVDs so much, that I did not stop there. We are not a television watching family, but she is allowed to watch a little each day. The only thing she wanted every time the TV went on was Baby Signing Time, within weeks of learning to sign, she was asking, through the use of signs, to watch the DVDs. After she learned her first few signs, her vocabulary, as well as her signing skills, took off. My husband quickly saw the benefits of signing with her and jumped on board. She was signing words from the DVDs that we had never reinforced with her. At 15 months old, she is speaking over 50 words and signing over 30 words. I contribute her advanced vocabulary to the Baby Signing Time DVDs. We both love to sign with her, and we are very thankful for her ability to communicate with us effectively. Our little girl impresses so many people with her speaking and signing vocabulary, and we are impressed as well. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU.