I can “talk” to her with my hands, when she cannot “hear” my voice.

This is a time to say “thank you” to those who have been a positive influence in our lives…

My whole family has been entertained, while learning to sign, mainly by your merchandise.
Having a child with Trisomy 21, and Autism, and ADHD is challenging all by itself, but adding mid-range bilateral hearing loss to the mix, it seemed to be an unreachable task to teach her to sign. She loves the music and everything about the series, and actually works hard to “earn” DVD time! ( I won’t tell her it’s educational. )

We have used these for years, and have enjoyed seeing our daughter gaining the ability to communicate.
Signing has been especially helpful during surgeries (she has had many surgeries for other medical issues)…She cannot process language when under stress, in pain, or afraid for any reason, and can only respond to simple signs. Knowing when she is in pain can be critical to her treatment plan and recovery.

She can sign “yes” and “no” at first, and then progress to more signs, and eventually speech, after the surgeries.

The gift you have given my daughter is priceless!

She has no major behavior problems now, and does not need a TSS worker, and is on no medication to control her anger. I firmly believe it is because she does not get frustrated, trying to communicate, because she can process the signs when she can’t process the words. I can “talk” to her with my hands, when she cannot “hear” my voice.  For that gift, I cannot thank you enough!”