Heather V. (Minocqua, WI)

Our daughter was born with a very rare micro chromosome deletion. At 10 months we realized she was not babbling yet, and as time has gone on she has not yet developed speech. Not much is known about her diagnosis, other than it causes global delay, and in many speech never develops. As we realized her diagnosis, each day was getting harder and harder as she began to get frustrated and we had no idea what her needs were. At 18 months we found the Signing Time series and it quickly became a part of our everyday life. Sylvia turned three today and can now sign over 80 signs that she has learned strait from the Signing Time videos. While we are taking walks we are able to carry on conversations with her about what we see around us. At dinner we are able to talk about our day with her using ASL. Although we show her signs on our own, she has never picked up a new sign without watching it on Signing Times. It is the only “movie” she will watch…in fact if we put something other than Signing Time on, she actually cries!! When it is time to watch a video each day she finds a seat on the couch with her brothers who enjoy watching and learning it along with her. The songs are part of our day, and the children in the videos put a smile on our children’s faces. We are so grateful for this series and know that it will continue to be an important part of our lives as she continues to grow.