Lisa S (Bel Air, MD)

When my children were 7, 3 and 2 months we started watching Signing Time. That’s all they would watch for months. Within 3 months my 3 year old had over 300 signs. It was incredible!! We continued to watch Signing Time as the years passed, but the real test came three years later. We were blessed with the opportunity to have a friend and her 6 year old son come live with us for a short time. Both are completely deaf. So at first I thought it was going to be a real challenge because not only was there two more people in the house, but now l had to sign all the time.

Before Signing Time, I had taken a few semesters of ASL in college, but that seemed so long ago. I really had gotten most of my vocabulary from the Signing Time videos. Within the first day, it was amazing to see all the children playing together with very little trouble. My friend was happy to see hearing children communicating with her son and her son being understood by my children. My friend had been worried about the possible language barrier, but she was pleasantly surprised at how well we all signed.

Each night at the dinner table all the children would tell us about their day. My youngest, who was now 3 years old, had a speech delay but he was overjoyed to be able to participate in the conversation. My friend taught me a lot of new signs and my expressions while signing improved. But I must give Signing Time credit because the signs I remembered most often came directly from the videos. Signing Time made it easy for my kids to begin a friendship with a deaf child but also gave them the skills to accept new ASL signs. Thank You Signing Time for making our 6 week experience so much easier.