Michelle B. (Brampton, Ontario Canada)

My son Nicholas loves watching Signing Time! Every week we sit down and watch the show together. He laughs at Hopkins and dances to the songs. At 18 months old, he is signing a few words that I taught him,

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Rebecca G. (Zanesville, OH US)

We live in Ohio, and our family of 6 loves Signing Time! Our youngest child, Sarah, has CHARGE Syndrome, and is profoundly deaf. She also has a trach and feeding tube. These videos have really helped all of us get

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Cynthia I (Mililani, HI US)

My daughter, Avery, was not born with any disorders or conditions. It was by accident one day that my mother was flipping through the channels and saw an interesting show that was talking about animals (Leah’s Farm). She showed it

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