Tanika G (riverview, FL US)

my niece loves the song and signs in a house in a home and when yall sign me she points to herself and says my not me and shes hearing and her and i love it . Thanks signing time.

Amanda-Beth c (Gosgen, IN US)

I had learned Bible and Jesus as many kids do in Sunday school. I learned the letters from book in 5th grade in 95 if remember yr right. I learned few more things from first deaf person I met in

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Ashley A. (Gray, LA US)

I started using signs with my daughter when she was about 11 months old. My intention was just the basics-milk, more, eat. She started using those signs within about a week after introducing them to her. She loved the Baby

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Melanie H (Allen Park, MI US)

My daughter is severly cognitively delayed and is unable to speak. She is slowly picking up sign language at school from her wonderful teachers but she really responds to signing times and learns them faster. Also she gets so excited

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Katie G (Salem, Or, OR US)

As an infant my daughter, Shelby, never really babbled. She never smiled with her mouth open, or even gave open mouth wet baby kisses. Originally I thought it was cute, but as she got older and she didn’t open her

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