Frances G (Tulare, CA US)

I wanted to let Rachel Coleman know that my Granddaughter (Who Is 2 Years Old) stops whatever she is doing when you come on NickJr, She LOVES You. I ordered and just received 4 of your DVDS and we have

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Suzann G (Addy, WA US)

About 2 months ago, I began checking out Signing Time” videos at my local library. First

Heather V. (Minocqua, WI US)

Our daughter was born with a very rare micro chromosome deletion. At 10 months we realized she was not babbling yet, and as time has gone on she has not yet developed speech. Not much is known about her diagnosis,

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Natalie S. (Arlington, VA US)

Hi Rachel and everyone else involved with Signing Time!I wanted to take some time tonight and say, first, thank you, and second, that you all continue to amaze me. I am fairly new to using Signing Time, but I have

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Jessica E (Ypsilanti, MI US)

My son is now 15 months and has been watching Baby Signing Time from around 9 months. Even with only watching the videos once a week he was signing More, All Done, and Milk” within a month. We now own

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