Welcome New Academy Instructors

July Instructors

Amy Ike Litiz, PA
Amy Foley Lakeland, FL
Angie Willey Elmwood NE
Brandy Craig West Columbia, TX
Candace DuBois Woodbridge, NJ
Colleen Ticherich Berea, OH
Dominic DiCello Maricopa, AZ
Jessica Scott Riverside, OH
Joanna Lopez Chicago, IL
Karen Zamperini Wayne, PA
Kathryn Petrucelli Florence, MA
Katrina Heck Bowman,ND
Kelly Johnson Peoria, AZ
Kim Marhefka
Peachtree City, GA
Kyla Williams Smyrna, TN
Laura Pippen T or C, NM
Laura Windholtz Springboro, OH
Natalie Bright Honolulu, HI
Neil Gray Bakersfield, CA
Niki Orbaker Farmington, NY
Robyn Sims Mooresville, IN
Sheila Yeatman Borrowdale, ZIMBABWE
Sunny Starr Ramsey Grand Junction, CO
Talia Cohen Modiin, ISRAEL
Tracy Heberlig Charlotte, NC
Vanessa McCorker Gary, IN
Wendi Girau Orlando, FL
YiMin Jeng Taipei, TAIWAN

The Signing Time Academy is the educational arm of Two Little Hands Productions. The mission of the Academy is to bring the benefits of ASL to children of all ages and abilities through a network of certified Instructors who offer classes, products, and personal support to families in their communities. Learn more about becoming a Signing Time Academy Instructor!