Try the new Signing Time on Demand – and get a free digital video!

What is Signing Time on Demand?

Signing Time on Demand gives you instant access to the complete digital library of Signing Time and Baby Signing Time songs and videos. Download them directly to your computer!

It’s easy: The free software is easy to download and the digital player is easy to use.

It’s fast: Watch downloaded videos instantly on your computer even if you’re not online!

It’s safe: Your videos are stored in the cloud, so they are always there for you.

And with no shipping fees, no tax, and no waiting – what’s not to love?

Can I download a digital video for free to try it out?

Yes! Follow these easy steps:

  1. Download the free software.
  2. Open the Signing Time on Demand application.
  3. Click on the big red button that says “View Catalog.”
  4. Add theWelcome to Signing Time video to your cart. It’s free!
  5. Click “Check out” to start the download.

Start now! Get the free software here.

Learn more. See our FAQs.