Welcome New Academy Instructors! (Aug 20th-24th)

Welcome New Instructors

The following Instructors have recently joined the Signing Time Academy and are completing their certification so they can start teaching the families and educators in their communities:

  • Barbra Wills– Sterling, Alaska
  • Kiyoko Kusunose– Toyohashi, Japan
  • Marette Campbell– Victor, NY
  • Candace Gatzoulis– Manchester, NH
  • Hsing-Ju Wu– Tainan City, Taiwan
  • Zhu-Jun Zheng– Taichung City, Taiwan
  • Yi-Yeh Lin– New Taipei City, Taiwan
  • Kuan-Yi Lee– Taipei, Taiwan
  • Yen-Ling Lin– Taipei, Taiwan
  • Ying-Yng Chen– Chia-Yi City, Taiwan
  • Yun-Ju Peng– Taichung City, Taiwan
  • Shaing-Ying Chu– Taichung City, Taiwan

Congratulations Certified Instructors

The  following Instructors have completed their certification and are now ready to start offering classes and materials. Click on their names to view their Instructor profiles:

Join our Team! The mission of the Academy is to bring the benefits of ASL to children of all ages and abilities through a network of certified Instructors who offer classes, products, and personal support to families in their communities. Learn how you can become an Instructor.