How is Rachel and the Treeschoolers different than Signing Time?

Rachel & the TreeSchoolers logo

Earlier this month, Two Little Hands Productions, creators of Signing Time, Baby Signing Time and Potty Time, released a new educational series for preschool children called Rachel and the TreeSchoolers. Many of you wanted to know more about how TreeSchoolers is different from Signing Time.

What’s different

    • The goal of TreeSchoolers is to teach a complete preschool curriculum.
    • The goal of Signing Time is to teach ASL signs.

What’s the same

    • Both shows features original songs by Emmy-nominated host, Rachel Coleman.
    • Both shows feature ASL signs. Signing Time completely focuses on signing. And since research shows that signing can help preschool children learn and remember new concepts, it was natural to include a handful of ASL signs in TreeSchoolers, too! The first TreeSchoolers video A Rainy Day uses the following signs to enhance understanding of the key concepts and social skills presented in this episode: weather, rain, cloud, lightning, thunder, sun, and kind (or nice).
Episode 1: A Rainy Day teaches the following skills, concepts and values:

  • weather concepts
  • Rachel and the TreeSchoolers Episode 1 DVD and CDproblem solving
  • word rhyming
  • sign language
  • classification
  • storytelling
  • persistence
  • kindness
  • courage
Key questions presented in Episode 1: A Rainy Day:
  • What is a cloud?
  • Why does it rain?
  • What is lightning?
  • What is thunder?
  • How can I help someone who is afraid feel better?
  • How can I show kindness?