Jobs and Volunteer Opportunities – be a part of the Signing Time Team!

Employment Opportunities

Occasionally we have new opportunities for employment with Two Little Hands Productions. All positions require that you live and work in Salt Lake City and the surrounding area unless noted otherwise.

In order to streamline our customer service efforts, please do not send your resume to us unless it is specifically in reference to a job opening we have posted.

Volunteer Opportunities

Rachel and her team often need a few helping hands when they are on the road. If you’d like to help out at a scheduled event in your city, please check our parenting forums for announcements.

Please view this page on our forums to see where Rachel Coleman is scheduled to appear.

If you are interested in upcoming volunteer opportunities, please send your contact information (Full name, email address, phone number, City/State) along with your interest in volunteering to Please put “Volunteer” in the subject line. We will then contact you if we have anything available.

Please note that all volunteers are not compensated for their time (in money, anyway!) and might even need to foot their own expenses at times. All Volunteers may be subject to a background check and additional screening for skills and abilities based on positions available. Thanks so much for your generosity and willingness to support our efforts.

Please check the Signing Time News & Contests area of our Parenting Forums for more information.